Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This is it. We are (almost) done. Only a few more rehearsals and before we know it, the anticipated tomorrow will come. We will be standing at the podium in the auditorium, telling everyone about our summer research. Ahhhhh

We went to Crossroads for lunch because what do you know? It finally opened! We had attempted to go there multiple times in the past, but it was always closed!

We played 2 Truths and a Lie and Never Have I Ever. Aren't those supposed to be get-to-know-you-games that you play at the beginning of the internship? Well we played them today because we're special.

I'm trying to come up with some meaningful last words to end this internship, but I'm really blanking. I'll just half-quote Zihao and say that this internship is a good way to "have friends and be cool." Which is the truth. It was a good time. And not only did I become friends with lots of fellow nerds, I became friends with a hedgehog named Mo (which is MOre important).

So that's all .... For now. Maybe in like a year I will randomly post a blog and everyone will be like what???! (Just kidding, who would keep checking my blog after a whole year?) Alright then. Goodbye!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 29

Today, Allyse and I had our most successful presentation rehearsal so far!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 28: Mad Scramble

The entire day before 2:00 cannot be described as anything but a mad scramble. Allyse and I had to make many adjustments to our presentation, like compressing the slides and rehearsing it. Unfortunately, we weren't able to rehearse with each other before the 2:00 run-through.

It was 1:59 PM. After a messy transition from Google Slides to PowerPoint, our presentation was as good as it would get at the moment. We felt slightly panicked. We dashed down the stairs to the auditorium.

Witnessing the other interns' presentations was very constructive and beneficial. Everyone did very well! I may have made Maria laugh in the middle of her's, but I am proud to say that I was able to control my laughter when Cici mentioned "Prussian Blue" in her presentation (Ryan Higa reference).

Although the timing was not in my favor, I appreciate that we had the chance to rehearse in the auditorium today. The other interns gave helpful advice and Allyse and I were able to revise our presentation later to make it more organized and coherent (with the help of Dr. Messinger).

Today was our last Friday cookout. It made me sad. I brought guacamole and it was gone in 2.75 seconds...wow Maria.

Just kidding. It wasn't just Maria. We all ate it.

Ok but Maria ate the most.

Just kidding again....

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 27: Bad Strawberry Situation

Once again, I find myself starting off my blog with a complaint. But I believe I have a good reason to do so, as I have been faced with Java's smoothie strike 2. Maria and I had walked to Java's again and decided to play it safe by ordering a strawberry smoothie (no coffee involved). Unfortunately, this smoothie was just...sketchy. (Check Maria's blog for an accurate description and further details.)

The rest of the day was okay. I spent the morning writing a script for myself as last minute prep for a practice run-through with the other interns during lunch. We all watched each other's presentations (I feel like my grammar is wrong here) and gave advice. It was the first time Allyse and I had rehearsed our presentation. Although it was a rather bumpy ride for both of us, I am glad we went through (all 50 minutes of) it. We received helpful advice from the other interns and made adjustments to our presentation afterwards.

I am making notecards now. Hopefully it helps.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 26: Bad Chocolate Situation

I apologize for my negativity here, but I must explain my anger regarding a Chocolate Situation smoothie. Sometime in the afternoon, I developed craving for a smoothie, so Maria, Allyse, Alice, and I took a walk to Java Wally's. I thought "Chocolate Situation" sounded like a splendid name for a delicious chocolate smoothie. To my immense disappointment, it was not a chocolate smoothie at all. Rather, it was 99.9999% a frappe with only the slightest hint of chocolate. I don't like coffee. I like chocolate. (But ok, it was kind of my fault because I didn't really read the description before I ordered it.) I'm still angry though.

Besides that whole mess, my day went quite well. Allyse and I finished our presentation (yay) and showed it to Dr. Messinger, who gave us a couple suggestions. Now I am working out a script which I will pressure myself into memorizing word for word but then tell myself not to because that's not going to make me a better public speaker.

Roger Easton was kind enough to spend a considerable amount of time giving us a presentation on his work restoring historical documents (which is what I'm trying to do). Getting to hear a firsthand account on the Archimedes Palimpsest was super cool. Speaking of cool, the room we were in was so cold! Anyways, I was shocked by how well PCA had worked on the documents Dr. Easton showed us. My results pale in comparison. We also got to hear all about Dr. Easton's trip to the Sinai Peninsula and Georgia (not the state, the country) and other locations around that area. He and the imaging team got to image and process many documents from different libraries/archives there. It is honestly so impressive and touching that Dr. Easton spends so much time and effort on this work, but doesn't do it for money; he does it so that he can contribute to society. Along with imaging many documents, Dr. Easton and his imaging team got to tour those countries and experience the culture there. In my opinion, document restoration is such a good mix of science/technology and humanities/anthropology/cultural studies.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 25: Interns Become Planets

Today, the pretzel box overcame friction.

Also, we all turned into planets. Except for Zihao, because Pluto is not a planet, and Maria, because the sun is not a planet either. Despite this fact, we do not treat Zihao and Maria as outcasts because we are an inclusive solar system. Oh and most importantly, Mo was the moon.

I continued to work on the presentation. I shortened it so that it won't exceed 30 slides and added some pictures and results. I think it will be ready soon for Allyse and me to rehearse.

During lunch, we got to watch more of the Dark Knight. But no, we did not finish it. Offering no explanation whatsoever, Niels had abruptly stopped the movie and left. (K bye.)

I drove the other interns crazy by telling them a riddle about 2 rooms, 3 light switches, a light bulb, and apparently, E=VIt. Niels was really close to getting the right answer but in the end, I had to explain the true answer.

Anyways, I can't wait for the lunch talk tomorrow with Roger Easton!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 24

We started the day with the typical morning meeting. Mr. Callens informed us that he was arranging a Wednesday lunch talk with Roger Easton. This was especially appealing to me because Roger Easton works in document restoration which is also my lab!

Allyse and I went over our presentation with Dr. Messinger again. It was helpful and lowered my stress a bit, especially when we agreed to leave the complicated mathematical explanations of ENVI algorithms out of the presentation (since we will be presentation to a predominantly non-sciency crowd). 

Afterwards, we started the PowerPoint. We added most of our slides but it will need further editing. I worked on the presentation for a while, then took a break to do some calc summer homework. I finished 7 questions!

Cici and I took a relaxing walk in the afternoon. Then, she introduced me to her stuffed hedgehog. After intense contemplation on a name for the hedgehog, inspiration suddenly came to us and we named him Mo (short for motivation). Mo will help us stay motivated from now on.

Allyse brought in pretzels and I kept eating them because they were there. Thanks Allyse :)