Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 24

We started the day with the typical morning meeting. Mr. Callens informed us that he was arranging a Wednesday lunch talk with Roger Easton. This was especially appealing to me because Roger Easton works in document restoration which is also my lab!

Allyse and I went over our presentation with Dr. Messinger again. It was helpful and lowered my stress a bit, especially when we agreed to leave the complicated mathematical explanations of ENVI algorithms out of the presentation (since we will be presentation to a predominantly non-sciency crowd). 

Afterwards, we started the PowerPoint. We added most of our slides but it will need further editing. I worked on the presentation for a while, then took a break to do some calc summer homework. I finished 7 questions!

Cici and I took a relaxing walk in the afternoon. Then, she introduced me to her stuffed hedgehog. After intense contemplation on a name for the hedgehog, inspiration suddenly came to us and we named him Mo (short for motivation). Mo will help us stay motivated from now on.

Allyse brought in pretzels and I kept eating them because they were there. Thanks Allyse :) 

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