Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 26: Bad Chocolate Situation

I apologize for my negativity here, but I must explain my anger regarding a Chocolate Situation smoothie. Sometime in the afternoon, I developed craving for a smoothie, so Maria, Allyse, Alice, and I took a walk to Java Wally's. I thought "Chocolate Situation" sounded like a splendid name for a delicious chocolate smoothie. To my immense disappointment, it was not a chocolate smoothie at all. Rather, it was 99.9999% a frappe with only the slightest hint of chocolate. I don't like coffee. I like chocolate. (But ok, it was kind of my fault because I didn't really read the description before I ordered it.) I'm still angry though.

Besides that whole mess, my day went quite well. Allyse and I finished our presentation (yay) and showed it to Dr. Messinger, who gave us a couple suggestions. Now I am working out a script which I will pressure myself into memorizing word for word but then tell myself not to because that's not going to make me a better public speaker.

Roger Easton was kind enough to spend a considerable amount of time giving us a presentation on his work restoring historical documents (which is what I'm trying to do). Getting to hear a firsthand account on the Archimedes Palimpsest was super cool. Speaking of cool, the room we were in was so cold! Anyways, I was shocked by how well PCA had worked on the documents Dr. Easton showed us. My results pale in comparison. We also got to hear all about Dr. Easton's trip to the Sinai Peninsula and Georgia (not the state, the country) and other locations around that area. He and the imaging team got to image and process many documents from different libraries/archives there. It is honestly so impressive and touching that Dr. Easton spends so much time and effort on this work, but doesn't do it for money; he does it so that he can contribute to society. Along with imaging many documents, Dr. Easton and his imaging team got to tour those countries and experience the culture there. In my opinion, document restoration is such a good mix of science/technology and humanities/anthropology/cultural studies.

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