Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 28: Mad Scramble

The entire day before 2:00 cannot be described as anything but a mad scramble. Allyse and I had to make many adjustments to our presentation, like compressing the slides and rehearsing it. Unfortunately, we weren't able to rehearse with each other before the 2:00 run-through.

It was 1:59 PM. After a messy transition from Google Slides to PowerPoint, our presentation was as good as it would get at the moment. We felt slightly panicked. We dashed down the stairs to the auditorium.

Witnessing the other interns' presentations was very constructive and beneficial. Everyone did very well! I may have made Maria laugh in the middle of her's, but I am proud to say that I was able to control my laughter when Cici mentioned "Prussian Blue" in her presentation (Ryan Higa reference).

Although the timing was not in my favor, I appreciate that we had the chance to rehearse in the auditorium today. The other interns gave helpful advice and Allyse and I were able to revise our presentation later to make it more organized and coherent (with the help of Dr. Messinger).

Today was our last Friday cookout. It made me sad. I brought guacamole and it was gone in 2.75 Maria.

Just kidding. It wasn't just Maria. We all ate it.

Ok but Maria ate the most.

Just kidding again....

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