Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 23: Research Symposium

Today was an interesting day in which I was late to pretty much everything. My friend Hannah also came for the research symposium and to see what I was working on for this internship. I was late to pick her up.

We went to the CIS building first then decided to join everyone for breakfast in a different building. The other interns were just leaving when we arrived because breakfast was practically over at that point. We ate some scones, the only food left, but appreciating the free food.

There was one presentation I was especially interested in. It was about music source identification and I had participated in an experiment for it (see day 13). This presentation was not until 12:00, so I decided to show Hannah my work on ENVI and the Gough Map first. As I was explaining the many processing methods, I realized that this was a good way to practice for the final presentation. It was also a wake-up call for me to look over how PCA works again...

When my explanation of Gough Map stuff was over, it was only 11. With an hour to spare before the presentation, Hannah and I went to Java Wally's and had their chai lattes, which I highly recommend. As expected, we somehow lost track of time and it was only a few minutes before 12 when we realized we were about to miss the presentation.

We sped back to the Louise Slaughter building but had trouble finding the room the presentation was in. When we finally found it, the door was shut and we were late by 8 minutes. We decided not to barge in right in the middle of the presentation.

We were very disappointed to have missed the presentation, but it was time for lunch and that lifted our spirits. After some confusion regarding blue vs. red tickets, we found the room we would be having lunch in (and we weren't late, good job). There was a lunch speaker who talked about her goal to make solar panels more common in Rochester. I was intrigued by her story and inspired by her dedication to improve this city.

After lunch, Hannah and I leafed through the symposium packet and picked a different presentation to attend. This one was about the emotional and physiological responses people have when reading about interpersonal violence. We thought this topic would be relatively easy to follow, but we ended up a little confused. We assumed we were not the presenter's target audience. And by the way, we were late to this presentation (but only by a minute).

Going along with the day's theme of tardiness, Hannah and I had hoped to go to Ben and Jerry's after the presentation and take advantage of their 50% off Friday deal. After fast-walking across what seemed like the entire campus, we arrived at 2:10. Ben and Jerry's closed at 2.

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