Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 22

Today, I mostly wrapped up my work on ENVI. I selected a few of my best results to send to Oxford. Afterwards, I finally got to work on the Codex Selden (the Mexican one) after Di saved me from having to wait 10 years for results to load. The codex images had over 900 bands originally and had to be reduced to around 300 so that programs could run faster on it. I tampered with Di's image reduction code for a while with little success. Thankfully, he came to the rescue before I almost overloaded and destroyed his custom-made code.

So I found out that Blur and Divide does not seem to like the codex.

On the left is the RGB image of a section of the document. The result of Blur and Divide on a Match Filter result is on the right.

Oh wait, you probably can't see anything...well that's because there's nothing there. At first I thought I had clicked the wrong buttons, but I redid the entire process and was once again met with a blank square with random black specks scattered sparsely throughout (which you can't see now because the picture is too small).

On the other hand, Blur and Subtract (a different form of "spectral math") appeared to be more promising. At least there was something in the resulting image.

Although subtraction seems to work better than division in this case, I still think that "Blur and Divide" is a cooler name.

I believe I am officially done with processing images of the Gough Map. I may attempt to get more out of the Codex Selden but I'm not sure how significant my finds are. I will definitely start to make my PowerPoint soon.

Oh, also- we played a game of Apples to Apples during lunch as a means of lowering stress levels. Being the studious intellects we are, the game was taken quite seriously. It may have possibly increased stress instead. I'm kidding. Our stress level either decreased...or remained the same. But really, it was a fun game.

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