Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 27: Bad Strawberry Situation

Once again, I find myself starting off my blog with a complaint. But I believe I have a good reason to do so, as I have been faced with Java's smoothie strike 2. Maria and I had walked to Java's again and decided to play it safe by ordering a strawberry smoothie (no coffee involved). Unfortunately, this smoothie was just...sketchy. (Check Maria's blog for an accurate description and further details.)

The rest of the day was okay. I spent the morning writing a script for myself as last minute prep for a practice run-through with the other interns during lunch. We all watched each other's presentations (I feel like my grammar is wrong here) and gave advice. It was the first time Allyse and I had rehearsed our presentation. Although it was a rather bumpy ride for both of us, I am glad we went through (all 50 minutes of) it. We received helpful advice from the other interns and made adjustments to our presentation afterwards.

I am making notecards now. Hopefully it helps.

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