Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 21: Movie Night Attempt 1

There are only 2 weeks left of this internship. This fact hit me hard, along with the realization that I will have to gather all my results and compile them into a presentation that I will be showing to a large, intimidating audience in only 14 days.

With the home stretch before us, Dr. Messinger, Allyse and I have planned a rough breakdown of the 2 remaining weeks. After running ENVI processing on a couple more chips and hopefully a quick look at the Mexican codex, we plan on starting to make our presentation at the beginning of next week. Pretty much, the sooner we finish processing the data, the sooner we will finish the presentation, and the more time we will have to rehearse it. This is intense.

Backtracking a bit to this morning, we got a tutorial on how to use RIT's library database. Dr. Boateng gave us many research tools that will be helpful in the future. I also found out that I am locked out of my RIT account! Oops.

Dr. Messinger showed Allyse and me a greatly compressed version of the 100-slide powerpoint we had made of our Gough Map results. We will select several more significant results, created recently, to add to this powerpoint. Then, we will send it off to Oxford.....exciting!! Also, Dr. Messinger is trying to arrange a time that we can Skype his colleagues in England. Also very exciting.

The lunch talk topic was very interesting, but sadly, I had gotten minimal sleep last night and my attention span was very short.

Allyse and I got introduced to Roger Easton. This is a big deal. He is famous and highly regarded, especially at the imaging center. I had read a book that talked about his involvement in restoring the Archimedes Palimpsest.

All the interns gathered for a movie that was scheduled for 3:00 but started sometime closer to 3:40 due to technical issues...and Z-How [sic]. We watched about an hour of the Dark Knight. Not what we were shooting for, but that's ok. Our movie will be showing tomorrow and at random pockets of free time until we finish it.

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