Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 20: Bring Your Friend(s) Day

Today was exciting. I got to show my friend Molly everything I have been doing during this internship so far. Dr. Messinger gave a concise explanation of our work and the purpose of document restoration. I then gave a short demo of the different ENVI processes we have been using on the Gough Map.

We got a delicious free lunch at Salsarita's. Molly and I were feeling adventurous and ordered Poquitos for dessert. They were like very not dense donut holes coated in sugar. We enjoyed them and decided that our adventurous decision was worth it.

After lunch, we had the most successful volleyball game yet. I figured that this may be a result of the increased amount of players on the field allowing for greater surface area covered and higher chance of someone being in a position to hit the ball. Regardless, we felt pretty proud when we actually had consecutive volleys. Our practice must be paying off, just in time for the Olympics!

Later, Cici and I taught everyone how to play the game Contact. It was actually very hard to explain so no, sorry, I'm not going to explain it again on this blog. In short, it involved guessing words and "reading minds."

Apparently we were in a mood for group games, so we also had a friendly competition of Pictionary on the Reading Room whiteboard. It started when Molly drew something that I was supposed to determine as Winston Churchill. With my knowledge on historical figures being extremely flaky, I was absolutely clueless until Emily walked over and figured it out in a millisecond.

Molly and I left at 3:00 for her 3:30 eye-tracking experiment in the Color Building. We decided to give ourselves ample time to search for the location to accommodate for the fact that we were slightly directionally challenged. We reached the building attached to the Color Building and walked in confused circles there until we came to the realization that the Color Building was one floor down.

Molly finished the experiment in a recording setting time of 15 minutes (it was supposed to take 30 minutes). We really felt like having some icecream to celebrate this impressive feat. The internet claimed that the RIT Ben and Jerry's was open at the moment: "Tuesday hours: 11:00-21:00" (military time I guess). You can probably guess what happened. Yup, that's correct! After walking across the entire campus, we were faced with the disappointing fact that Ben and Jerry's was closed.

We were crushed by this discovery, but it did not cease our quest for food. We found a coffee shop (that I forgot the name of) and got lattes and frappes. Not as good as icecream, but still good.

So that was my day: food, fun, and friends!

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