Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 25: Interns Become Planets

Today, the pretzel box overcame friction.

Also, we all turned into planets. Except for Zihao, because Pluto is not a planet, and Maria, because the sun is not a planet either. Despite this fact, we do not treat Zihao and Maria as outcasts because we are an inclusive solar system. Oh and most importantly, Mo was the moon.

I continued to work on the presentation. I shortened it so that it won't exceed 30 slides and added some pictures and results. I think it will be ready soon for Allyse and me to rehearse.

During lunch, we got to watch more of the Dark Knight. But no, we did not finish it. Offering no explanation whatsoever, Niels had abruptly stopped the movie and left. (K bye.)

I drove the other interns crazy by telling them a riddle about 2 rooms, 3 light switches, a light bulb, and apparently, E=VIt. Niels was really close to getting the right answer but in the end, I had to explain the true answer.

Anyways, I can't wait for the lunch talk tomorrow with Roger Easton!!!

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