Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 10

Today consisted of more work on ENVI. Allyse and I had picked the Southeast section of England (the area with most revisions) to focus on. I made 6 more chips on the land part of the map while Allyse worked mainly on the water-surrounding-England part (we are both lacking in geography skills so we're not sure what body of water it is...the Atlantic?)

I pulled out writing from several of the chips and also found differences in the ink used for the rivers. We are unsure of the significance of this, but slight changes in ink may indicate tides or a certain water depth. 

For example, there are differences in darkness along the rivers in this image. The dark spots could be intentional or they could just be areas where the ink was drawn on thicker.

To get this image, I selected one green pixel from the water and used SAM to show which pixels in the image are most like that selected green pixel. The darker areas represent pixels that are more similar to the green pixel. Clearly, there are differences in the color/thickness of the ink along the rivers.

At 4, we attended an entrepreneur talk about speaking to non-science audiences. We learned how to be good storytellers and integrate a storyline into a scientific presentation in order to make people care about whatever we are sharing.

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