Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 2: Starting ENVI

Allyse started off the day by organizing the food sign-ups for the Friday lunch which was really proactive of her. Afterwards, we met with Dr. Messinger who told us to experiment with ENVI so that we could get familiar with the program. He also told us about ENVI's origins, which was created in a garage by 2 guys in Colorado.

We decided to attend one of Dr. Messinger's student's thesis defense on an innovation about remote sensing. The most difficult part was getting into the room; we arrived late and the door was locked so we were watching the presentation through a window, which was probably really creepy. Thankfully, Joe Pow saw us spying on the presentation and unlocked the door for us so we wouldn't have to be creepy. During the defense, I had trouble following what the PhD student was talking about, but I could tell she was very knowledgeable of her topic. Overall, it was interesting to see what a defense looks like.

Afterwards, Allyse and I got started on ENVI. I classified the 1st image of the Gough Map that Di gave us 9 different ways and documented them in a powerpoint. Here is an image of the Gough Map after I applied unsupervised (K-Means) classification, which instructed ENVI to separate the image into 10 categories of color.

At the end of the day, Allyse, Di, and I met with Dr. Messinger and looked over some of the results. We will continue to experiment with the software for the next few days.

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