Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 8: A Pretty Fly Day

This morning, Allyse and I worked on our 89 slide powerpoint in which we included all of our best ENVI results so far. Dr. Messinger will be sending the powerpoint to Oxford in the near future and then we will wait for feedback.

Cici and I showed off our volleyball moves during the cookout lunch. We had just come back from the Olympic Trials, so we were in tip-top shape. The other interns were BLOWN AWAY by our skill.

While training for the Olympics, we also started a state of the arts paper airplane factory, with the help of Niels. Our handcrafted, one-of-a-kind paper airplanes reach velocities up to 1 m/s and cruising altitudes of about 5 feet! The latest version also twirls through the air (this feature can be bought with an additional $8000 fee.) Cici and I have thoroughly tested our airplanes by throwing them from 4 stories high; the airplanes remained in fabulous shape and it is safe to say that their quality is guaranteed.
Our original models (starting price $50000)

In the afternoon, Allyse and I made a few last minute additions to our powerpoint. Our slide count rose to 99 and frustrated by the number, I added a slide that said "Thank you" just so that our powerpoint could be 100 slides long. With the PowerPoint passing our approval, Allyse and I gave the file to Dr. Messinger to give to Oxford.

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