Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 14: ENVI Crash Courses Cont.

Maria says that everyone is dead today. Maybe the thunderstorm contributed to that, or maybe it's the fact that it's a Monday.

Anyways, I have been bombarded with a bunch of new ENVI methods so let's see how well I can explain them.

MF: On a spectral graph, it measures how far a perpendicular line on the target pixel's vector must move to encompass another pixel so that it is considered similar to the target pixel. (Meaning that the pixel is on the same side of the line as the target.)

ACE: Like MF but slightly more accurate because it uses a cone in addition to the perpendicular line.

Did any of that make sense? Hopefully.

During lunch, Bob helped me open a cabinet (that didn't have a handle...) so that we could play a board game. We chose Trivial Pursuit. I was disappointed in myself for forgetting that the Hubble Space Telescope was a thing.

Later in the day, Allyse, Di, Dr. Messinger and I took a field trip to Anna's lab. It was a cool little hideout cluttered with old imaging instruments and hard-drives storing, like, a billion GB of ancient document data. Anna showed us how she was working on spacial data (while we are working on spectral.) She taught us an ENVI method that sharpens writing/structures on images. It has the coolest name yet: "Blur and Divide." It makes me think of "Divide and Conquer" even though they really have nothing to do with one another.

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