Thursday, July 28, 2016

Field Trip Day!

Today, we finally got to go on the field trip we had planned a couple weeks ago. I was surprised by how nice our transportation was. The bus had comfortable seating, wifi that worked briefly, and strong air-conditioning.

The Eastman museum tour was about 2 hours long. We saw a room with old cameras and famous pictures (and had a great tour guide), then we saw the conservation room. The conservation tour guide seemed a tiny bit scared that we would touch everything with our grubby fingers and mess up the state-of-the-art restoration facility. He talked about the different processes involved in preservation, which was very interesting. I really wish we got to see him restoring a document, though.

Those galleries were the only two we got to see. Oh well...I was starving anyways. We got to go to Amiel's afterwards via the nice bus. The best part was realizing that they had chocolate milk there.

It was so hard to focus on working after we got back to RIT. I did make progress, though, and reached chip 28/32 by the end of the day. Not bad. If I'm extra efficient, I'll finish all 32 tomorrow.

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