Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 12

This interesting day began when Bob launched us into a discussion of "the worst thing that happened during the school year" at each of our respective schools. We all went into depth about senior pranks and other horrors of high school, then departed from the morning meeting to go do serious stuff.

This serious stuff, for me at least, included getting a NEW DOCUMENT TO WORK WITH! It was a Mexican codex that had been showered in chalk-like paint at some point in its approximately 5 century life. What remained visible was...pretty much nothing. Dr. Messinger and Di warned Allyse and me of the difficulty of extracting the underlying structures in this document. Although it was a daunting task to undertake, I was up for it. I mentally prepared as I waited 30 minutes for the image to download on my computer.

This may be a disappointment, but I did not end up working on the Mexican codex today. Allyse's sensible voice guided me into going back to the Gough Map documents and performing more thorough analysis on them before moving on. (No offense, Gough Map, you're really cool but I just wanted to try something new.) I owe Allyse for this insightful advice, though, because I made much more progress on the map in areas I had overlooked previously.

With an unnecessary amount of difficulty, the navigationally challenged interns made it to the Student Union for lunch. Nothing too funny happened there.

For the rest of the day, I sat at my usual computer in the Reading Room with a fierce determination to perform PCA and SAM on all 15 chips I had created of the Southeast section of the Gough Map. Sadly, I only made it to chip 11 (second disappointment of the day), but I believe I produced the most results today out of all the days so far (so that cancels out one of the disappointments!) I plan on finishing this task tomorrow.

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