Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 6: SAM the Cat

This morning, Allyse and I learned a new method to use on ENVI. It's called SAM, which stands for Spectral Angle Mapper. Also, the guy who came up with it named it SAM because his cat's name was Sam! SAM can help make differences in ink color more obvious by comparing one target pixel (that is selected by the user) to every single other pixel on the image. Then, it represents the level of similarity of the pixels in a gray-scale image (with black being closest to the target pixel and white being furthest.)

After learning this method, Allyse and I applied it to the Gough Map images. Sadly, the resulting images were cut off and we were unsure of how to fix it. Still, we got a some considerable results that brought out the faded writing.

We attended the lunch talk about visual perception and the concepts behind eye movement. I enjoyed the interactive parts of the presentation and learning that the eye rotates 3 different ways (not just up/down and left/right!)

After lunch, Allyse and I started piecing together a hodge-podge powerpoint of our accumulative Gough Map results since Day 1. We will continue to organize the powerpoint until it is presentable to the historians at Oxford who are looking forward to seeing the results!

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