Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 7: It's Almost Friday Yesss

I have 2 shoutouts today: one to Mr. Callens for bringing us donuts and another to Maria who asked what an abstract was, because deep down, I wasn't quite sure either but assumed that everyone else knew so I avoided asking the question myself.

Anyways, more work on ENVI today. Mostly redoing the images from yesterday. This time SAM worked and didn't cut off the images, so that was a plus. I organized the over 50 slide long PowerPoint of our results that Allyse and I started yesterday.

So since SAM worked today, I can show some results.

Original:                                                       Processed:

Easier to read? I think so!

For lunch, all the interns walked to Global Village (after attempting to decipher a map and asking a pedestrian for directions.) I appreciated the change in scenery and my burrito bowl.

Afterwards, Allyse and I went back to our computers, whipped up a rough draft for our abstract, and did other techy computer stuff. I finished my part on ENVI for the day early (SAM on images 1-5), so now I am blogging...and doing random tasks (filling up Emily's waterbottle)...and apparently stealing cookies. Allyse, Emily, and I also took a walk around the building and found all the other interns. Cici and Zihoa gave us a demo of their lab and we got to look at their colorful samples.

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