Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 18

Today was a short day for me since I had to leave early for a trip over the weekend. I was able to work on my Gough Map chips in the morning. More PCA, SAM, and classification. So really, nothing new.

For the lunch cookout, we had kielbasa and Italian sausages, grilled to perfection by Emily. I was there to give her useful grilling tips and advice. (This is sarcasm, I only distracted her.) But in all seriousness, Emily did a great job on the grill, considering she had little previous experience.

The interns attempted another volleyball game. Before long, we succumbed to the heat and the fact that we struggle as volleyball players and decided to play frisbee in the shade instead. We decided that frisbee would be a more forgiving and less physically taxing activity.

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