Wednesday, July 6, 2016

First Day!

To start, we got a tour of the imaging center, given by Joe Pow. Then, we walked to the Red Barn for team building games. The barn must've heated up from our intense brain power because it was a million degrees in there. The games were fun and challenging and I got to know the other interns better. When we finished, we walked to lunch in the boiling heat.

Afterwards, we met with our advisors. Allyse and I talked to our advisor, David Messinger, and met the grad student we would be working with, Di. Dr. Messinger told us that the imaging techniques he presented to scientists at Oxford were more appealing to them than expected. They want RIT to analyze 2 documents, the Gough Map (of England) and the Archimedes Palimpsest. Di showed us some basics of manipulating the document images in order to reveal hidden writing/pictures in them. We experimented with the program, ENVI, and practiced color classification and linking.

It was a great first day and I'm very excited about this internship!!

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