Friday, July 8, 2016

Our Very First Friday

This Friday, I had much progress on ENVI and learned multiple new classification methods (thanks to Di.) One of the images I classified using Maximum Likelihood revealed structures and writing on the Gough Map that were not clearly visible in the original map. Messinger informed us that we were the only people using this method to analyze the Gough Map and that our results were of great significance to the owners and historians dealing with the map over in England. Although the image will need to be processed further (in Photoshop) in order for the writing/picture to be deciphered, the classification methods have shown considerable progress in the process.

Here is the Gough Map image after Maximum Likelihood was applied with the areas of interest circled.

Here is the original image; it is very hard to make out the structures that appear in the edited image.

Also from today was our first cookout lunch, which was enjoyable despite the rain. I contributed by putting the cheese on the burgers. We attempted to have a fast-paced, competitive volleyball game. Thankfully, Cecelia and I (both with years of experience on varsity teams) were there to keep the ball in the air. We practically saved the group from looking like unathletic nerds.

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