Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 9: Statistics

In the morning, we had a peer review of our abstracts where we gave and received constructive criticism. Using the suggestions given to me, I later revised my abstract.

After the peer review, Allyse and I met with Dr. Messinger and learned a new ENVI technique called "RX Anomaly Detection." This method uses statistics (standard deviation) to identify any anomalous data (pixels) in the image. It represents the level of difference of each pixel from the norm in a grayscale image. In this image, the lighter areas are considered closer to "anomalies" than the darker areas.

Allyse and I were also given a new section of the Gough Map and pretty much set free to work on it. We learned how to make our own chips (smaller sections of the map) and were allowed to use any computer processes to enhance them. I made 8 different map chips and experimented with RX Anomaly Detection and also incorporated some SAM and PCA.

In the afternoon, I participated in the Visual Perceptions Lab experiment, but I can't say anything else about it because the experiment is top secret.

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